Case Study: Terra Sancta Guild

Terra Sancta Guild Responsive Miva Merchant Readytheme Site


Maria and Frank Cleary, owners of Terra Sancta Guild, provide distinctive creations for the Christiam Community. They offer beautiful, timeless liturgical items designed for home, church and school. TSG is not only a retail website but also a wholesale site, as well as an outlet for their custom designs.

However, their previous site was built prior to the responive design era, and although their previous site allowed for mobile viewing for certain screens, it did not bring the full experience of the site to mobile users. This in turn also also affected Page Rank because of Google's® mobile requirements.

Seeing the changes in the Internet landscape and the changes brought on by the new ways to use and shop on the web, Frank and Maria knew they had to progress as well. So, they asked Jamie Donaldson at JSDVS to help get them there.


  • Color scheme generation by JSDVS that incorporates existing identity colors, as well as other colors for aesthetics not present before.
  • All graphics created by JSDVS to represent their community, shoppers and their values.
  • A fresh look for TSG that allows shoppers complete access to the entire site, no matter what device they use.
  • A site completely wrapped in SSL/HTTPS, which is now advised, instead of just the checkout/customer account sections being HTTPS.
  • Ability to make use of many new functionalities for store owners, in the ease-of-use Readytheme administration, and for new perks for site customers, which have now been included in the core of Miva Merchant applications that the previous version 5.5 of Miva did not offer.
  • Immediate increase in SERP and sales because of the mobile friendly nature of the site and because of the completely wrapped HTTPS.


With their new website, Terra Sancta Guild is now able to step into the 21st century and into the world that the web users of today demand. This allows it to reach a greater audience and generate increased sales. Also, by allowing JSDVS to customize a Readytheme for them, the day-to-day tasks of maintaining a website and keeping up with SEO just became a lot easier for Frank and Maria.