Web Design Case Studies

Case Study: Wood Appreciation

woodappreciation.com, Wood Appreciation


Mike Pitts, owner of Wood Appreciation, has a talent and gift for creating unique, one of a kind, custom built solid wood creations.

However, some of his products needed a different method of ordering than most, and he also wanted to be able to keep his costs as low as possible, since this was a new business. So, he needed an e-commerce storefront, which would allow custom orders plus real-time orders, as well as allow him to test the waters of online selling without making his business go broke before it got started.

By progressing to e-commerce and providing customers with an online shopping option, Mike can greatly improved all facets of the business. He is able to manage the cart's back-end, as well as provide the superior workmanship and competitive rates to a wider audience.

Business Benefits

  • Ability to display and offer ease in ordering for custom-built products, plus real-time ordering for other products.
  • Secure, 24/7 shopping for customers.
  • PayPal® purchasing option creating an affordable first time Merchant option.
  • No increased administrative costs associated with selling products online.
  • Ability to have a client-maintained site with a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor for ease in updates and upkeep, which provides total control over product and category management, as well as page additions.
  • Ability to monitor user statistics giving important marketing and customer service information.


With an online presence, this business now has the ability to generate sales beyond the local area bringing a new customer base and marketing area. With the use of the right shopping cart and the Internet as a source of new customers, this site has allowed Mike Pitts to bring his products to anyone with an Internet connection and the ability to enact site improvements as he needs, in order to drive down costs associated with a new business. With this forward thinking, Mike's dream of exposure for his products and a future in e-business is becoming a reality and enables him to see his way to profits at a much faster rate than his competitors.

Case Study: Greener Builders

Greener Builders


Robin Maheu is a full service general contractor specializing in one of a kind residences, remodeling, renovations, commercial projects, and more. He also consults and supervises on special installations and complete projects. Robin offers exquisite outcomes with a moral conscience, which is hard to find today!

Robin's word of mouth advertising serves him well, but he also knows the Internet as a business medium offers advantages that the physical world cannot in reaching his audience.

Greener Builders needed an informative brochure website that would bring his business into the 21st century, as well as into a full-fledged informational site for his potential customers, which would provide them with his credentials, a portfolio of work, and stable method of contact.

Business Benefits

  • Responsive design that allows potential customers the ability to view his site on any device, including Cell Phones and Tablets, and not just Desktops and Laptops.
  • Ability to display a responsive photo gallery of his work and his credentials.
  • Limitations of the previous site were no longer a factor.
  • No wait time on site updates, page additions, photo additions, ect.
  • Dramatic increases in site hits and visitor counts.
  • Browser-based, easy-to-use application that allows for ease in updating his business online.
  • Receipt of a dramatic increase on return-on-investment.


With the help of JSDVS, Greener Builders was able to transform their online presence into a more robust and unique design, which gave it the ability to generate increased sales, as well as a dramatic increase in site visitors and customer contact through its device independent design. Also, by relying on JSDVS for maintenance, Robin is able to send on any request for maintenance, so he can focus his attentions on the building and growing of this thriving business.