JSDVS specializes in all things web design, from the complete design of new websites and redesign of existing sites, to getting the site "live" on the Internet, and beyond if you desire. We also offer web site updates, web site maintenance, and more. Further, we walk you through the entire process and provide consultations and instructions, so you never go it alone.

ALL of our designs are Responsive Web Designs, which display well on all devices - Desktop, Mobile/Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop.

Miva Merchant Web Design and Development

Fully, functional e-commerce application, which can accommodate hundreds and even thousands of products. This application offers all the bells and whistles an e-commerce site could want, along with the ability to customize the design to suit your product or business. See our latest Miva Merchant Web Design and Customization Case Study.

Smaller or Boutique E-Commerce Websites

Sell your products or services online even if you only have limited products or services to sell. Boutiques offer an all-in-one solution, which provides product/service pages, a built-in shopping cart, payment processing, site security, and in some cases, ease of update by the site owner.

Business Brochure or Catalog Website

Provides general information, such as photos, descriptions or specifications, about your products or services, and even prices, if desired, without selling online. With your online brochure or online catalog, you can give potential customers the information they desire & methods of contact to purchase products & services.

Business/Product Informational Websites

Allows site visitors to find further information on a topic, product or business, or even purchase your information, and can provide information to customers, potential customers or like-minded individuals. It can also lead to your e-commerce, business, or personal website as well.

Single or Multi-Page Personal Websites

Much like an online biography, including skills, talents, and experience, as well as links to your Facebook or blog. It can even serve as a resume or a virtual CV if you like. It can be as unique as you are and promote you as a brand, while providing a method of contact or even a way to build up a fan base. The combinations are limitless.

Web Site Maintenance Or Web Site Updates

Allows you the flexibility to freshen up your site for your visitors, when you want or need and according to your instructions. Provided as a one-time, as-needed, or monthly service. No matter whether your site is a brochure site or a full-fledged e-commerce shopping mall, updating and maintenance are critical.

Other Services - Miva Merchant Specific

  • Miva Merchant Custom Design
  • Miva Merchant Framework Installation
  • Miva Merchant ReadyThemes Integration & Customizations
  • Miva Merchant Module Installation & Configuration
  • Miva Merchant Application Upgrades
  • Miva Merchant Store Maintenance
  • Product & Attribute Additions
  • Expanded Product Descriptions Creation
  • New Features Added to Existing Stores
  • One-time or Monthly Updating Services
  • PA-DSS & Compliance Fee Troubleshooting

Other Services - All Other Web Site Types

  • Custom Web Design and Redesign
  • Web Consulting
  • Custom Graphics — includes Original/Editable Copy for You
  • Logo Creations — includes Original/Editable Copy for You
  • Meta Tags and Keywords Integration Within Site Content
  • Hand Coding, Optimization, and Added Functionality
  • Wordpress Setup, Editing, Proofreading, Customization
  • Site Integration and Setup of Content Management System (CMS)
  • Content Creation, Content Editing & Proofreading
  • Site Setup and/or Upload to Hosting Environment
  • Site Move to New Host

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