The Design Process

Below are the general steps for the design process. Since each client’s needs are different, tasks may be adjusted to suit your particular needs.


Discovery is accomplished prior to submitting a proposal for website design. This process allows us to get to know your needs and give you an accurate quote.

  • How many pages? (i.e. home, about, contact, product/service/other)
  • What is the purpose of the site? Do you want to sell products or services, or do you want to provide information to potential customers?
  • Do you own a registered domain name? (i.e.
  • Do you have a web host?

Phase One:

Phase one and the subsequent phases only begin after the proposal is accepted, plus content gathered and delivered to us.

  • If necessary, instruction will be given to the Client for acquiring a domain name, hosting account.
  • Gathering/sending photos and text.
  • If logo is needed, a mockup will be presented for consideration
  • A layout with sample colors and styles will be presented for consideration.
  • Changes can be requested and made to the logo and/or layout.

Phase Two:

  • Core page (home, about, contact, etc.) assigned within the site, and content and images added to the core pages.
  • If graphics are needed, they will be constructed/designed during this phase.
  • E-commerce sites only: Product photo optimization and product insertion will be accomplished.
  • E-commerce sites only: Instruction will be given to Client for acquiring Merchant Account and SSL, if needed.

Phase Three:

  • Client may request minor changes to text/photos/graphics.
  • Final design will be presented to Client for approval.

Phase Four:

  • E-commerce sites only: SSL and Merchant Account setup within shopping cart.
  • Email accounts set up to specifications, if needed.

Phase Five:

  • Site is uploaded to the server.
  • Client is allotted a set timeframe to request minor modifications.
  • Client Packet of account summaries and instructions presented to Client.


The length of time in a design process is ultimately dependent on what the Client wishes to have included in the site. Each Design proposal has a timeframe provided in which we adhere to.