How do I know you are the right web site designer for me?

Our Web Design page details some of the services/tasks we can perform for you; however, if you do not see a service listed, just ask. We also offer an article on selecting a web designer or a web design firm. We invite you to give us the same scrutiny before selecting us for your projects.

I’ve heard about others that hired bad designers. How do I avoid that?

Unfortunately, that does happen, so we've compiled some of the problems our clients have had with their previous designers. Click here for the article.

How much does a web site cost?

Getting an accurate quote requires communication regarding your needs. Rates are really dependent on what you want to do with your site, including functionality, interactivity, number of pages and/or products, custom designed graphics work, and so on. You can detail your specific needs via our Design Quote form, which will start the communication process and enable us to give you an accurate quote.

How do I get my site on the Internet?

You will need a domain name and hosting for your site to display on the Internet. Prices vary for these; however, we do recommend hosting and domain registrars with every site we work on, but of course, you can choose your own host if you like. Which host we will recommend, however, depends on what you want your site to do, meaning information-only, highly-interactive, or online sales sites. We help you choose because not all hosts offer what every site needs, plus we can also help you control your operating costs with our recommendations. Because of this, we do not affiliate with any hosting or registrar companies.

How long will it take to create my site?

The length of time it takes to create a site depends on the size of the site, for example the number of pages or products, the degree of complexity in the design, and the schedule available. Within each proposal or contract, we define the timeframe in which we will have your site completed. Further, each step of the design process is divided into timeframes, so that you can see exactly where your site is at during the project.

I would like to move my site to another host. Can you do this?

Absolutely! We can move your site, as well as the domain, for you. Just fill out our Design Quote with your information, and we can set up your move to the host of your choice or a host that we can recommend for you.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta-tags are words inserted into the code of a web page that browsers and search engines can see but are invisible to site visitors. For example, a title tag is used to display the title of your site at the top of the browser, and a meta author tag states the author of the content. There are several other tags, and each have different purposes. We do include all meta tags applicable to your type of site.

What are Keywords?

Today, search engine spiders scan the pages of your site to find words within your content, which helps categorize your site within the search engine databases. Be aware, though, that excessive use of keywords or even the use of keywords that are not relevant to your site, called keyword spamming, can get your site banned, so it is critical that you use the words appropriately. Most search engines now ignore the the keyword meta tag, but a few still do support the tag, so because of that, we do still insert it when creating sites.